NorthGRC is a platform to manage and connect your compliance work in one tool

A GRC platform with compliance services

One GRC platform to manage your Information Security and Data Protection compliance, including all the ongoing assistance you need.

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Connected Compliance

NorthGRC makes it easy to work with multiple compliance standards at the same time. Everything is connected and integrated. Build your GRC plan, and work toward your cross-compliance and cross-department compliance goals seamlessly and efficiently leveraging the templates we have created for you.

Tools for everything

Full-featured workbenches for your data protection (GDPR) and information security work with all the necessary modules.

Task Management

Risk Management

Cross Compliance Overview

Vendor Management

Library of document templates

Incident Management


Reporting and dashboards

User Management and integrations

In NorthGRC you are do all the compliance work you need

Compliance Services

More than just software. We provide continuous sparring, guidance, training, and support for your compliance goals as standard part of your package with us. 

Training and courses

Best-in-class onboarding

Custom workshops

Live assistance and support

Ad-hoc consultancy

The compliance services from NorthGRC are second to none

Templates & Content

All the templates you need to ease your GDPR and InfoSec work on daily basis. All presented with detailed step by step guides and schedules.

Automatic SoA

Semi-automatic DPIA

Business Continuity Plans (BCP)

Audit Documents

Information security policy

Privacy notices and policies

Automatic rules and controls for ISO 27002 (integrated with SoA)

And many more

NorthGRC has all the compliance templates you need

The benefits of NorthGRC

There are several clear benefits when you are a NorthGRC customer. The most important thing is that we aim to be your full-service GRC partner.

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Integrated Risk Management

A clear benefit of NorthGRC is integrated risk management across all enabled standards. It allows you to identify, assess, and prioritize risks in a centralized and systematic manner. By having a comprehensive view of risks, you can make informed decisions to mitigate potential threats, ensuring the overall security and stability of your business.

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Holistic compliance overview

NorthGRC assists in maintaining compliance with relevant industry regulations and standards. It streamlines the process of tracking regulatory requirements, automates compliance assessments, and generates reports to document compliance. This not only helps in avoiding costly fines and penalties but also enhances the organization's reputation for being trustworthy and compliant with legal and industry standards.

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Increased Operational Efficiency

Our platform contributes to increased operational efficiency and business continuity by centralizing the efforts. As a result, you can save time and resources, allowing your team to focus on more value-added activities. The automation capabilities of NorthGRC also contribute to reducing the likelihood of human errors, leading to a more reliable and robust compliance management system.

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Scalability and adaptability

Our GRC platform offers the benefit of scalability and adaptability, allowing you to grow and evolve with changing business environments. The platform can scale to accommodate additional regulatory requirements, emerging risk factors, etc. This adaptability ensures that you can maintain effective risk and compliance management in the face of dynamic business landscapes.

Happy GRC Customers

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Understanding the NIS2 requirements and getting started on complying with them is much easier with NorthGRC and its compliance tool. Here we have education, templates, and a completed implementation plan included in the package so that we still have time to focus fully on our core business.
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Morten Abildgaard
Viborg Varme
Viborg Varme
Group 2523
I don’t think you can actually improve your information security without a system handless the process. And I have never seen a system like Secure ISMS that was easy to use for that purpose.
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Irene Lundin
Compliance and Special Project Manager
Digital Route
Digital Route
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