GDPR compliance tool

Experience the ease and efficiency of NorthGRC as you implement and comply with the GDPR.

Content Abundance: Tasks, guides, plans, policies, and other timesaving collateral.

  Realtime Overview, of current GDPR compliance levels and future goals

 Collaboration and project management: Team based project management across Infosec and GDPR.

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Full suite of GDPR Templates

Streamline your GDPR compliance effortlessly with our extensive collection of templates.

Our library covers a wide range of areas and is available in 5 languages. It contains everything you need; GDPR tasks and how-to guides, essential documents, reports, and policies, semi-automatic DPIA and TIA, and templates for your record of processing activities.

We are dedicated to assisting and supporting you throughout your GDPR compliance journey. We understand that every business is unique, which is why we offer a customizable approach that aligns with your specific needs.

Furthermore, migrating your existing compliance work into the NorthGRC is a seamless process. Our expert team is ready to guide you every step of the way.

Compliance Policy

Integrated GDPR risk assessments

In the dynamic world of compliance, NorthGRC stands as your ultimate ally, empowering you to seize full control over risk management. With our integrated risk module, which draws from GDPR, ISO 27001/2/5, ISO 27701, and NIST SP-800-39, you'll navigate risk assessments seamlessly and efficiently.

  • Structured and pre-filled GDPR threat catalogue
  • Assess the impact for the data subject
  • Probability assessments
  • Risk management overview
  • Integration with other compliance areas
  • Graphical risk representation and reporting
  • API for data exchange
Access Risk

DPOs and CISOs Unite for Combined Security and Success

In GDPR, it is a requirement for companies to have a firm grip on information security. That's why NorthGRC empowers collaboration and project management, uniting the forces of data protection and information security. Together, they are a partnership, keeping the entire business secure and compliant.

Access Risk

Incident Management for Data Breaches

In GDPR compliance, having control over your own and your data processors' incidents of data leaks and breaches is a crucial requirement. Failure to meet these requirements can lead to significant fines.

With NorthGRC, you can effortlessly register, manage, and monitor your incidents. Working within the module is a breeze, thanks to the familiar KANBAN view and drag-and-drop functionality.

Ensure Business Continuity with Data Breach Response Plans

Are you prepared with a strong data breach response plan? When an incident occurs, swift and effective action is crucial.

In NorthGRC, our smart data breach response plans empower you to act swiftly and accurately within the specified timeframe, ensuring that you're always one step ahead in mitigating the impact of breaches.


Oversight of Data Processors

Maintain a constant overview of the data processors your organization collaborates with.

Once you have your data processors in the system and the overview is complete and up-to-date, monitoring them becomes a breeze with NorthGRC. Utilize our questionnaire templates to automatically conduct supervision of your data processors. When responses come in, it's easy to identify which data processors have performed well and which ones require attention.


Enlighten and Educate Your Colleagues with GDPR Awareness Campaigns

With NorthGRC, you can create and publish GDPR awareness materials that help your colleagues understand:

  • The principles, rules, and requirements of GDPR, along with the potential consequences of non-compliance.
  • Their own role in protecting personal data.
  • How to identify and safeguard personal data to prevent data loss or breaches.
  • Whom to report GDPR breaches to and how to do so.
  • Whom to collaborate with and how to ensure GDPR compliance.
All of this is achievable by utilizing the templates we have provided. Furthermore, you can track who in the organization has read and acknowledged the GDPR awareness materials you distribute, ensuring widespread comprehension and engagement.
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Compliance as a Service

We not only provide you with an exceptional GDPR compliance tool but also offer to be your preferred compliance partner, assisting you in achieving all types of GDPR compliance advisory tasks. We call it Compliance as a Service.

  • Free GDPR compliance check (assess your current level of compliance and receive a complimentary consultation with an advisor)
  • Interim DPO services
  • GDPR risk assessments and analyses
  • GDPR audit/review/ISAE 3000 assurance statement
  • GDPR gap analysis
  • Explore the complete list of CaaS tasks.
Compliance as a service

Are you interested in trying the NorthGRC GDPR compliance tool for free?

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