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ESG Reporting
& CSRD Compliance

  • Centralise Sustainability Data

  • Team and Stakeholder Management

  • ESRS Tools, Templates, and Reporting 

  • DMA Assistance and Guidance 

  • Auditable Traceability across Sustainability Statements

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ESG Guidance and Assistance

We have paved a clear way for your sustainability reporting and compliance in NorthGRC. Follow the 6 stages you must always go through when aiming for the three milestones; Data collection, data analysis, and data reporting.

Our ESG workflow takes you through:

  1. Preparation and scoping

  2. Double Materiality Assessment

  3. Stakeholder engagement

  4. Gap assessment

  5. Data collection and management practices

  6. Reporting

We support you all the way, with webinars, complimentary consultancy, and workshops. 

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Templates, Tools, and Tracking

Modules and tools to replace long spreadsheets
Navigate through the complex landscape of CSRD requirements with user-friendly guides and templates. Our Materiality Assessment tool, complete with Value Chain Mapping and Impact Risk and Opportunity guidance, ensures you align with every aspect of your compliance obligations.

Real-Time Progress Updates
Track your compliance status in real time with our dynamic status tools that offer internal progress updates for each team member and external reporting capabilities. Facilitate audit processes and ensure your sustainability statements are audit-ready with NorthGRC’s meticulous tracking and documentation features.

Content, Tools
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Streamline Your CSRD Compliance Process

Effortless Data Collection and Reporting
Gather and consolidate critical ESG data across your organization with our advanced data collection modules. With NorthGRC, you ensure the accuracy and consistency required for CSRD compliance and assurance by auditors through our planning and team modules.

Automated Compliance Management
From initial compliance gap assessments to continuous compliance monitoring, NorthGRC covers all phases of CSRD compliance. Our platform is equipped with all +1100 ESRS data points that are updated automatically to match your company’s specific needs, reducing your workload and enhancing compliance precision.

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Enhance Team Collaboration

NorthGRC enhances team collaboration by allowing precise task delegation and progress tracking. Our platform fosters a culture of accountability and efficiency, enabling your team to focus on strategic sustainability goals.

Stakeholder management
The value chain module provides a stakeholder overview. This supports the management of your organization's mapping of upstream and downstream tiers. All are following CSRD requirements.

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Our software for ESG reporting and CSRD includes

ESG is a separate workbench (work area) in your GRC platform that you can combine with all our other workbenches.

ESG features included

  • Task and Team Management
  • CSRD Year-Planner
  • Compliance Overview
  • Progress Tracking
  • Value Chain Mapping
  • Gap Overview
  • Reporting options
  • Library with Guides and Policy templates
  • Materiality Assessment views
  • Disclosure Requirement Manager

Compliance Services Included

  • Onboarding and scope assistance

Available add-on Compliance Services

  • Workshops on DMA and Reporting
  • Access to ESG consultants
What you get!

NorthGRC can be a powerful GRC platform.

The NorthGRC platform can help you manage many aspects of your Governance, Risk, and Compliance work. You can buy and use NorthGRC as your standalone ESG software, but you can also leverage the many possibilities by unlocking the entire GRC platform.

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