How close or far are you from complying with ISO 27001, 27002 or PCI DSS? How mature are your vendors? Spend less time collecting data about your security.

The Compliance tool from NorthGRC helps you keep track of the responses to compliance questions from various people. You can design your own questionnaires and response scales. Or you can use the accompanying questionnaires for ISO 27002 and PCI DSS. When you need to present a status report, just generate a report containing both overview tables and detailed responses.

Key Features

  • Questionnaires for compliance analysis of PCI DSS and ISO 2700x
  • Transform your security policy to a questionaire
  • Security analysis of cloud suppliers
  • Automatic reports with overview and details
  • Flexible questionnaires and response scales with colour codes
  • Users can be managed from MS Active Directory
  • Keeps track of multiple users' answer to the same question
  • Part of the Secure ISMS package